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It takes time, energy and motivation to study. And these three things rarely coincide together.

For example, children have a lot of time and energy but little motivation. Students have both motivation and energy, but little time. Adults can have much motivation but can often lack the energy and time.

That is why there are few teaching methods that are universal. Flash cards is one of them.

The secrets of efficiency

  • A flash card narrows the field of concentration down to a minimum: unfamiliar on one side and familiar on the other. Nothing superfluous! Thus, the establishment of connections in the brain occurs quickly, without any distractions.
  • Unlike book pages, flash cards can be sorted. And if you sort the cards into small groups, you will have enough energy for the whole session.
  • The best motivation is a vital necessity: child development, new friends, work, etc.
    But the flash cards also involve laziness and curiosity.
    ◦ The flipping* requires physical effort, albeit insignificant. And laziness subconsciously motivates you to remember what you need to remove the need to keep flipping over the flash card.
    ◦ And when you see on the back what you expected, the brain receives a small dose of dopamine.

Why do I need this?

If you need to remember any set of information, for example:

  • new words, foreign languages
  • terms, rules, instructions
  • symbols and their meanings
  • the order of the planets or other objects
  • passwords, addresses, names, dates
  • assortment of goods, stock numbers
  • and much more,

with flash cards you will remember it very quickly.

How? Simply create your own cards and flip through them every time you have a free 5–10 minutes.


Flash cards stimulate thinking, train memory and expand your vocabulary. These are long-known facts. But there is one problem: paper flash cards are not very convenient to use in the fast paced modern life.

You can not always buy ready-made paper flash cards for a desired topic. And it’s not as effective for learning as creating your own flash cards. As for creating flash cards you will need, at the very least, paper, scissors and a pencil, and then somewhere to store them. And they are not even interactive.

But there is one interesting solution… 🤓

For students

Learning a new language? Getting ready for your exams? Create your own beautiful flash cards to boost your knowledge. Take a photo or add some text… and Voilà !

  • Personalize your flash cards! You’ll learn faster and remember more.
  • Learn everywhere: at home, on your commute, or even on a boring date.
  • Only you know what works best for you, so create your own workflow.
  • Share your flash cards with friends or with the whole world!

Flashcards Premium

Learn like a pro! In-app purchase Flashcards Premium expands your options:

  • Enjoy an Ad-free learning experience.
  • Take photos, record audio and work with files right inside the app.
  • Change the size and colour of your text.
  • Import text data from the CSV format.
  • Use custom names for the flashcard sides.
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For kids

Help your children discover new words!

  • Create flash cards using photos and simple words. Add personalized voice audios to help with pronunciation!
  • Arrange flash cards in any order you like to aid your child’s learning.
  • Study the words with your child every day and mark their progress with simple check marks.
  • Share your flash cards with other parents or with the whole world!

Parental Gates

To gain access to Parental Gates, we will ask a question only an adult can handle — helps to keep the curious toddlers away! ;)

  • Parental Gates disable ads and in-app purchases. This ensures that both your child and your wallet are safe — even from each other ;)

  • Parental Gates disable the editing of flash cards. Children can edit flash cards only by answering the Parental Gates question.

Children can always 1) create flash cards, 2) study them, 3) mark flash cards as learnt and sort them. Engaging and fun — they won’t want to stop!

Happy learning!

* Quick card flipping — that one flash from which the word ‘flashcard’ comes from. Incidentally, they are sometimes called ‘learning cards’, ‘Doman’s cards’, ‘word cards’ or ‘picture cards’.

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