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In what way is the Flashcards · app better than other flash card apps?

  • The Flashcards · is a well-made learning tool. But it doesn’t impose the use of any single method, be it ‘spaced repetition’, ‘active recall’, ‘constant time delay’, Leitner system, ‘forgetting curve’ or any other.

    Only you can determine what method works best for you. Or you can develop your own method. So use Flashcards · as you like. It’s simply virtual flash cards.

  • The Flashcards · app is accessible. Free and versatile, it also takes into account the needs of people with hearing or vision impairment. It works in a very straightforward manner and you don’t have to learn much to begin using it.

  • The Flashcards · work in any device orientation: both vertical and horizontal. So, even if you fall asleep while studying with your iPhone®/iPad® and end up on your side, upon waking you will be able to ‘remember all’. That is of course, if Face ID® recognises you. 😂

  • The Flashcards · is addictive but in a good sense of the word. Almost instantly, just after the first few learned words or concepts, you’ll want to do that ‘swipe-swipe, flip-flip’ every day. Handling digital flash cards enchants with its naturalness and encourages to take the plunge into the learning process… 🧘‍♀️ So, it’s better not to try the Flashcards · unless you want to study!

So far that’s all. To be continued.

Download the app, buy additional features, support an independent developer and let the Flashcards · serve you for a long time! Do not forget to write your reviews in the App Store and make suggestions.

Thank you very much.

Andrew Alex

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