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Flashcards · for iOS

Why are some buttons not active at times?

This is a forced consequence of the universality of the Flashcards · app. Some buttons may be inactive for the following reasons:

  1. If the Parental Gates are enabled. Inactive buttons do not allow children to accidentally do something ‘naughty’. To disable the Parental Gates, go to Settings. This button looks like a gear wheel.

  2. If the button is responsible for a premium function. Purchase the Flashcards Premium to enable inactive buttons. The Premium button looks like a crown.

  3. If an album is blocked from changes. To unlock an album, go to Flashcards, hold your finger on the cover of the selected album, and then tap the Info button. The ‘Lock Album’ switch is located on the very bottom row of the Info window.
    Some albums are permanently blocked by their authors.

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