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I have to keep my finger on the screen for a long time so that a menu appears during the learning. Could you make this somehow easier?

The answer is one sentence: Yes we can, but it will be less useful for you.

We tested different control schemes in Flashcards ·. We found that when the control elements are always on the screen or when a menu appears after one simple (and perhaps even not intentional!) tap, then a person is unconsciously distracted from the primary goal — to dive into learning, to focus on new information.

That’s why we created the Flashcards · controls in such a way that makes it easier for you to swipe the flash card (and repeat it again!) rather than call the menu to exit learning.

Moreover, you can increase the time interval between touching a finger and displaying the menu. To adjust the long press, go to Settings. This button looks like a gear wheel.

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