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What can be learned with flash cards?

With the help of flash cards you can learn a great number of things. This page contains only some ideas and samples.

🐝 animals

🎨 colours

❤️ shapes

🅰️ alphabet

💯 numbers

🚜 transport

☯️ opposites

👨‍🍳 professions

🌐 foreign languages

📅 friends birthdays

🇸🇳 flags

🌍 country capitals

🌸 flowers

🐱 breeds of animals

🚸 road signs

🖼️ famous paintings

🧘‍♀️ names of yoga asanas

✈️ airport codes

😇 emoji

📚 new words of your native language

📑 scientific and other terms

🔨 work instructions

🔰 symbols and their meanings

🔭 the order of the planets

☎️ phone numbers

💳 passwords and addresses

🛒 assortment and stock numbers of goods

🎮 game controls

📜 poems

🍝 Italian pasta names and much more.

By the way, as it turned out from feedback, some users of Flashcards · iOS are using them not only to create two-sided flash cards for learning.

They also use Flashcards · iOS app to create one-sided cue cards as tips for public speaking.

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